We have outlined the painstaking production process and the many forms of British craftsmanship that go into our garments in 'Our Cloth'. But our accessories collection draws upon even more skill and heritage found in Britain today.



Our superfine lambswool knitwear is made by a Scottish company that has specialised in making luxury accessories for some 160 years.  Our cashmere knitwear is from a mill in the borderlands of Scotland - an area that has for centuries hosted some of the country's finest cashmere mills. It is made by a small group of men and women who have spent their adult lives perfecting the best knitting techniques and patterns for the world class cashmere yarn they use.



Our belts are handmade exclusively for us by master saddlers in the south of England, using traditional leather working techniques. These craftsmen use only the best English vegetable–dyed bridle butt leather when making belts, and the finest solid brass buckles, combining traditional materials with time-honoured leather working techniques to produce pieces of exceptional quality. 



Our neck ties, bow ties, and pussy cat bows are handmade by a group of English craftsmen who also weave the silk used in these pieces. The group and much of its craftsmanship has a history spanning over 300 years. 



We are proud to use such outstanding master craftsmanship in our collections, and we will continue to do so as part of our commitment to honour and preserve British heritage.


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