We create luxury children's clothing, using the finest British materials and craftsmanship. 

For boys and girls from 9 months through to 8 years, our pieces combine the modern and the traditional, honouring Britain's heritage whilst celebrating the vibrancy of youth. 

We are an award winning brand and we have received acclaim from the childrenswear industry for our eco credentials and commitment to British manufacturing. We currently hold the title of My Baba's Eco Brand of Autumn/Winter 2017-18. We also hold the accolade of being an official Supporter of the Campaign for Wool

We believe that simplicity, quality, and integrity are the key to true luxury. No smoke and mirrors. No gimmicks or short-cuts. Just wholesome garments that are made ethically and with great craftsmanship from noble natural materials.  

Our distinctive pieces feature premium wool cloth that has been sourced from mills across the British Isles with more than two hundred years of history. Each is made from start to hand-finish in British workshops by skilled men and women who use time-honoured techniques to create nothing but the very best items of clothing. Our range of accessories features exquisite woven silks, fine knitwear, and leather goods that are all expertly made in Britain by workshops founded as many as three centuries ago.

We pride ourselves on standing apart in an industry dominated by mass-production, man-made fabrics, and out-sourcing. Our clothing and accessories are modern day heirlooms that carry on a legacy of fine British craftsmanship. They are made to be worn and treasured from one generation to the next.

Long Live Childhood!®

Why are we so passionate about 'Made in Britain'? Click here to find out.



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